Saturday, 8 November 2014

Founders group - London number two

...and as I added - it's not surprising that it's depressed when it has been so badly emotionally abused for such a long time. It's showing typical signs of long-term abuse - learned helplessness, always in fear of yet more persecutory demands, and anhedonia.

But what a fabulous building is the professional home to the nation's 600,000 nurses!

The grand staircase at the RCN
And what a good meeting we had - it ran like clockwork: some of the organising team thought it was too gloomy and pessimistic, but I reckon that's exactly what we need at this stage.
For more info, go to the group website - which is going to be a major resource for the campaign.
But while that's being built, here's an HSJ article about it all:

The grand collection of volunteer group analysts

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