Saturday, 15 November 2014

The London WASP

A rather disappointing event deep in the windowless and airless bowels of a London hotel, improved considerably - at least in wackiness - by Peter Tyrer's family and friends rendition of 'Browning- An Operetta'.
Peter claims it was in the service of giving the new and rather sterile Royal College of Psychiatrists HQ a soul.
The Peter Tyrer show
Graham Thornicroft did his set piece on Global Mental Health, which I saw him repeat a couple of weeks later at the parliamentary launch of  "Mental Health for Sustainable Development" for which Adrian Worrall and I submitted evidence to the committee, and yet it emerged with no mention whatsoever of groups...
The Graham Thornicroft show
Robin Johnson and I followed, with our 75 minutes truncated to 60, giving the WASP the benefits of EEs, PIPES and PIEs. Here's the prezi:

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