Friday, 18 February 2011

Giving up hope

Today was the day I was asked to go and meet my minders (= my NHS employers, the representatives of whom were two men in suits) to discuss my greencare activities (= use of the yurt from which we have been banned). Suitably impressed with the implied gravity of the situation, I made arrangements to miss a meeting in London and be there, come what may.

The facts of the matter are simple:
  • my NHS employer is not willing to collaborate with the greencare project
  • returning to the yurt might be possible when somebody in the next tier of management reviews the H&S, governance and liability documents which were submitted four weeks ago
  • It must be recorded in the clinical records of all individuals that it is my clinical opinion that they have the mental capacity to give free and informed consent to participating in the greencare activities
I could write and rant about the implications of this rather sad upshot - but for the moment will just mull it over, it's hard to know whether to be depressed or furious - but at least I still feel that I have the luxury of that choice. I might post some thoughts here about why the NHS is not nowadays fit-for-purpose for delivering any meaningful innovation or creativity in mental health care...

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