Thursday, 3 February 2011

CIty farm, here we come?

Better news today.

There is a council-owned site, in a particularly run-down area of Slough, that we have been to see as a possible place to build our greencare project. Nothing is certain as yet, but it is by collaborating with a local authority-run project who deal with the same emotional problems as we do – only as ‘troubled families’ rather than as ‘troubled individuals’.

It has plenty of room indoors for our therapy groups, has space for the yurt to go for the greencare part, enough garden for a lot of horticulture (and maybe even chickens and GEESE), and does not have any of the whiff of a municipal, or corporate, or medical space.

Oh boy – wouldn’t it give fantastic opportunities for really joined-up services if this came off. Watch this space.

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