Friday, 21 January 2011

Bad vibes

When we decided to just cover the yurt with the canvas till after Christmas, and store the felt and inner lining until we had time to put it up properly, we looked for somewhere to put it safe and dry. The inner lining spend some time with me at home, drying out, until I took it back once we had found a large disused metal container to put in in, with the felt, adjacent to our site.

So far so good - disappointing situation held and managed over the winter break. But our it was not to last - our green care consultant emailed me on Friday to say that the container had been moved and the people who had previously run a voluntary project on a different part of the site were angry at finding our bits and pieces in their container - so had thrown them on the muddy ground and left them there for the weather to do its worst.

Barely a metre away is the entrance to the broken polytunnel we are being kindly lent by the nursery staff, until we are establishe din nthe yurt. It might not have been as dry as the metal container - but was a great deal drier than being left in the open.

Thankfully, the weather forecast is dry over the weekend (during which time we do not have access). But the organisation in question, with whom we were hoping to collaborate on future bids for greencare work, has rather gone down in our estimation...

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