Friday, 3 November 2017

What more could we ask? ...Lavoriamo Cantando ('we work singing')

The programme of the day
Trabia is about 20km east of Palermo, and was once home to a Mafia leader who lived in a large and beautiful house with wide views to the Mediterranean in front, and to the mountains just behind.

It is now owned by Cooperativa Sociale "Nuovo Generazione", which is a substantial social enterprise involved in mental health care with numerous other projects. But this is their first like this - which is not surprising as I don't think there are any others like this!.

The founder and leader of Lavoriamo Cantando, Rosaria Turturici, has quietly pulled of the start of what could be the most interesting new therapeutic community on the planet.

I was delighted to be asked along to give a talk about greencare at their official opening - and what amazing promise it holds.

Here is the link to my presentation:

A few quick facts about the project:
View from one of the balconies

  • it is in a stylish and high quality refurbished building - with features like balconies overlooking the sea and mountains
  • it will be residential, long stay, for 20 people
  • it has several acres of newly turned over rich red soil
  • they are intending to grow mostly herbs, and sell them commercially
  • the multidisciplinary team including a singing therapist, which will be part of the daily work activities
  • they have been trained by having Living-Learning Experiences, including one on the premises in 2016
  • the group-based therapeutic programme has democratic and co-creation principles
  • it will have its quality assured by participation in the Sicilian 'Visiting Project' (equivalent of the UK 'Community of Communities'
  • it is founded and built on extensive collaboration with various agencies across all the relevant sectors, with several years in gestation - which a triumph of relational organisation work

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