Sunday, 28 May 2017

Catania Visiting Project Forum, Terra Nostra LLE and REMS

The energetic, creative and slightly chaotic growth of the Sicilian Visiting Project marches on - this year in Catania. Which, oddly, has a tube map in the car park underneath the conference venue...

Then another of the lovely LLEs on the social farm at Terra Nostra: including donkey care and waste recycling as part of the greencare activities, along with egg collection, vegetable watering and harvesting. Here's everybody getting their certificates at the end

And here's the group photo - donkey and all!
One of our activities, it must be said not one that was approved by all the staff team, was a 15 minute drive to the local REMS. 

REMS are the new non-state run forensic units - and this one is a full-blown TC. We had coffee and ice creams with the inpatient group - who were clearly working relationally, and pretty democratic in the way the impromptu group worked. Some of its residents were Sicily's most difficult offenders - and one, who was extremely attentive to us, previously had to have numerous attendants and no furniture or plumbing, as he would have destroyed it all - and had a history of ripping sinks from the wall and toilets from the floor. His settling in over the last year or so is seen as an absolute triumph of TC methodology. And so it is...

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