Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Launch of a thousand ideas in the Isle of Man

What an odd place: they've still got the birch, it has a reputation for still being a bit homophobic, it is a tax haven, healthy young people die most years when racing their bikes, they do the best smoked kippers in the world and their parliament has an annual ceremony on a hill.
Tynwald Hill at St John's 

But it was good to hear Anthony B talk about the importance of the social dimension; Mike C argues for more of less in the debate and Steve P argues that is a race to the bottom. There were some women's voices too - but not as loud. And there's new blood - after the welcome to XSUs and XBXs a couple of years ago, maybe it is to more professional diversity and a less rigid hold onto the hierarchy of evidence. Perhaps social ...or even relational?

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