Monday, 13 December 2010

Squatting in a polytunnel

With the weather interrupting progress, our hopes to be comfortably established in the yurt before Christmas were looking a bit forlorn.

And with increasing bad feeling about being ejected from the (temporary) hospital room we use for our community meetings and therapy groups, our members decided that the Monday lunch and afternoon activity groups would be much nicer over at the Slough Council Nursery - even though we were in the worst December weather for decades, Heathrow airport was shut, and the roof fell in:

Our group therapy circle

The cooker, sat on top of a propane cylinder

The hot drinks counter

Washing up area

Our 'dining room table'

But boy, was it cold! Here's the snow on the roof, the roof falling in, and why the washing-up wasn't done for a couple of weeks:

Our temporary polytunnel home fails to take the strain

Rips and icicles galore

Difficult to wash up...

At least somebody has found a comfortable spot!

With Christmas on everybody's minds - in one way or another - the editor of the National PD website (Ann Grain) and I cooked up a biblical spin on our plight - and published it as a news item on the site: "No Room at the Inn: Ever Thought of a Yurt?".  It's a bit exaggerated, as we have got some space at the hospital - though it's not always available - and this greencare project is completely separate from the NHS programme. But it makes a heartwarming story for Christmas! Here's the link:


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